Friday, January 15, 2021

The McGrew Model of Achievement Competence Model (MACM)--Standing on the shoulders of giants: CJSP article supplementary materials

The Model of Achievement Competence Motivation (MACM) has been  under development since the early 2000's by Dr. Kevin S. McGrew.   The work is (has) been formally presented in an invited article--"The Model of Achievement Competence Motivation (MACM)--Standing on the shoulders of giants" (McGrew, in press, 2021), for a forthcoming special issue on motivation in the Canadian Journal of School Psychology). 

Due to the page length constraints of the journal, significant background and explanatory information could not be presented in the article.  Thus, I have "off-loaded" this material for supplementary viewing via on-line PPT slide shows and downloadable PDF files.

Five MACM PPT modules have been posted at SlideShare and can be viewed and downloaded from that site.  For those who would prefer to directly download PDF versions of the PPT modules from one it is.  Below are the titles of the five modules and associated download links.  In addition, the paper includes, in a table footnote, definitions for 16 self-regulatory constructs from a recent article by Sitzman and Ely (2011).  That PDF file is also available from download below.


The Model of Achievement Competence Motivation (MACM)

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