Thursday, April 26, 2018

Meta-analytic SEM of literacy and language development relations

Using Meta-analytic Structural Equation Modeling to Study Developmental Change in Relations Between Language and Literacy. Article link.

Jamie M. Quinn Richard K. Wagner

The purpose of this review was to introduce readers of Child Development to the meta-analytic structural equa-tion modeling (MASEM) technique. Provided are a background to the MASEM approach, a discussion of its utility in the study of child development, and an application of this technique in the study of reading compre-hension (RC) development. MASEM uses a two-stage approach: first, it provides a composite correlation matrix across included variables, and second, it fits hypothesized a priori models. The provided MASEM application used a large sample (N = 1,205,581) of students (ages 3.5–46.225) from 155 studies to investigate the factor structure and relations among components of RC. The practical implications of using this technique to study development are discussed.

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