Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Intelligence Testing in Proper Perspective: The Big Picture - a MindHub video-PPT show

I am pleased to announce the availability of my second video-PPT at IQ's Corner YouTube Channel.  The first video can be found here.  The current video is 20 minutes.  You can skip the first three minutes if you don't want background "front matter" material regarding me (the narrator), etc.

The new video-PPT  is called "Intelligence Testing in Proper Perspective:  The Big Picture"

This presentation places the power and value of intelligence testing into a big picture perspective which recognizes the strengths and limitations of intelligence testing.  The goal is to encourage users and consumers of intelligence tests to better understand what these measures can and cannot do, and, more importantly, recognize the other personal and environmental characteristics that influence an individual's learning and development.

Be gentle.  I am not a professional video producer and I do not have the time to edit out pauses, minor mistakes, etc.---- hey...this is FREE quality information. :)

Update 02-27-15.  Thanks to Rueben Lopez for making the suggestion that I reduce the 3 minutes of the introductory "front matter."  I have taken his advice (which I will incorporate into future videos) and have now posted the identical video with the very brief introduction.  It can be accessed here.

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