Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The WJ IV Test of Achievement--Alternate Forms Equivalence Assessment Service Bulletin

A supplement to the WJ IV technical manual, which provides new (and some previously published) equivalence evidence for the alternate forms of the WJ IV Tests of Achievement, is now available from the publisher (click here). As described at the website:

This bulletin is an executive summary and discussion of all extant alternate-forms equivalence data gathered for the WJ IV Tests of Achievement.

The WJ IV Technical Manual (McGrew, LaForte & Schrank, 2014) contains information about how the three forms of each test were constructed to be equivalent in content coverage, difficulty, and measurement error. A summary of these procedures is included in Part A of this bulletin. Part B includes the descriptions and results of two recently completed alternate-forms studies. These studies contribute to the accumulation of evidence regarding the equivalence of the WJ IV ACH Standard tests. Additionally, these studies present an example of methodology appropriate for evaluating empirical evidence for alternate-forms equivalence in the context of individually administered assessments.

Conflict of interest disclosure: I am a coauthor of the WJ IV battery.

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