Thursday, May 10, 2012

Personal (hot vs cool) intelligence: Real? Can we measure?

Interesting article that purports to demonstrate the validity of the construct of "personal intelligence" and the ability to measure it. I find this intuitively attractive and interesting, but I am not yet convinced. The long search for measures of social intelligence constantly bumped up against the problem of discriminant validity. That is, when measures of SI are analyzed with cognitive (cool) measures of intelligence, SI measures were typically found to be highly correlated with verbal or general intelligence...and thus did not show evidence that SI measures were tapping anything beyond cognitive abilities.

In this article, which reports multiple studies, only one single test of vocabulary was included in one study. One measure of vocabulary in one of the studies is not sufficient. The proposed measure of PI needs to be administered together with a broad measure of diverse cognitive abilities in order to show that it measures something different from cognitive abilities.

Interesting.......hopeful.....but I need more and better discriminant validity evidence.

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