Saturday, April 23, 2011

OMG. TXT knw = btr splg

Kreiner, D. S., & Davis, D. L. (2011). KNOWLEDGE OF TEXT MESSAGE ABBREVIATIONS AS A PREDICTOR OF SPELLING ABILITY. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 112(1), 295-309.

The relationships of self-reported text messaging frequency and knowledge of text message abbreviations with spelling ability were investigated. Two studies were conducted in which the college student participants provided self-reports of text messaging frequency, responded to a test of knowledge of text message abbreviations, and completed a standardized spelling test. In both studies, self-reported text messaging frequency was not predictive of scores on the spelling test. Knowledge of text message abbreviations was positively correlated with spelling scores. In the second study, spelling ability was positively correlated with processing time to identify abbreviations as real. The results were not consistent with the idea that better knowledge of text messaging is predictive of lower spelling ability. Instead, individuals with better knowledge of abbreviations tended to be better spellers

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