Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Research byte: File under Gh domain in CHC theory of intelligence

File under the Gh domain in CHC theory

Kalagher, H., & Jones, S. S. (2011). Developmental change in young children's use of haptic information in a visual task: The role of hand movements. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 108(2), 293-307.


Preschoolers who explore objects haptically often fail to recognize those objects in subsequent visual tests. This suggests that children may represent qualitatively different information in vision and haptics and/or that children’s haptic perception may be poor. In this study, 72 children (2½–5 years of age) and 20 adults explored unfamiliar objects either haptically or visually and then chose a visual match from among three test objects, each matching the exemplar on one perceptual dimension. All age groups chose shape-based matches after visual exploration. Both 5-year-olds and adults also chose shape-based matches after haptic exploration, but younger children did not match consistently in this condition. Certain hand movements performed by children during haptic exploration reliably predicted shape-based matches but occurred at very low frequencies. Thus, younger children’s difficulties with haptic-to-visual information transfer appeared to stem from their failure to use their hands to obtain reliable haptic information about objects.

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