Thursday, February 17, 2011

FYiPOST: Statistics and Computing, Vol. 21, Issue 2 - New Issue Alert

For the quantoid readers of IQ's Corner.

Thursday, February 17

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In this issue:
Estimation of prediction error by using K-fold cross-validation
Tadayoshi Fushiki
Abstract    Full text PDF

Exact distributional computations for Roy's statistic and the largest eigenvalue of a Wishart distribution
Ronald W. Butler & Robert L. Paige
Abstract    Full text PDF

Functional variance estimation using penalized splines with principal component analysis
Göran Kauermann & Michael Wegener
Abstract    Full text PDF

Restricted likelihood inference for generalized linear mixed models
Ruggero Bellio & Alessandra R. Brazzale
Abstract    Full text PDF

A finite mixture model for multivariate counts under endogenous selectivity
Marco Alfò, Antonello Maruotti & Giovanni Trovato
Abstract    Full text PDF

Bayesian kernel projections for classification of high dimensional data
Katarina Domijan & Simon P. Wilson
Abstract    Full text PDF

Efficient Bayesian analysis of multiple changepoint models with dependence across segments
Paul Fearnhead & Zhen Liu
Abstract    Full text PDF

Bayesian estimation and stochastic model specification search for dynamic survival models
Helga Wagner
Abstract    Full text PDF

Stochastic matching pursuit for Bayesian variable selection
Ray-Bing Chen, Chi-Hsiang Chu, Te-You Lai & Ying Nian Wu
Abstract    Full text PDF   

A quasi-Newton acceleration for high-dimensional optimization algorithms
Hua Zhou, David Alexander & Kenneth Lange
Abstract    Full text PDF   

Fast simulation of truncated Gaussian distributions
Nicolas Chopin
Abstract    Full text PDF

Book Review
James E. Gentle: Computational statistics (Statistics and Computing Series)
Christian P. Robert
Abstract    Full text PDF

Book Review
A.E. Gelfand, P.J. Diggle, M. Fuentes, P. Guttorp (eds.): Handbook of spatial statistics
Denis Allard
Abstract    Full text 

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