Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FYiPOST: : Journal of Educational Psychology - Volume 103, Issue 1

A new issue is available for the following APA journal:

Does discovery-based instruction enhance learning?
Page 1-18
Alfieri, Louis; Brooks, Patricia J.; Aldrich, Naomi J.; Tenenbaum, Harriet R.

Does incorrect guessing impair fact learning?
Page 48-59
Kang, Sean H. K.; Pashler, Harold; Cepeda, Nicholas J.; Rohrer, Doug; Carpenter, Shana K.; Mozer, Michael C.

Spatially distributed instructions improve learning outcomes and efficiency.
Page 60-72
Jang, Jooyoung; Schunn, Christian D.; Nokes, Timothy J.

Learning by reviewing.
Page 73-84
Cho, Kwangsu; MacArthur, Charles

Assessing knowledge of mathematical equivalence: A construct-modeling approach.
Page 85-104
Rittle-Johnson, Bethany; Matthews, Percival G.; Taylor, Roger S.; McEldoon, Katherine L.

Mathematics attitudes and mathematics outcomes of U.S. and Belarusian middle school students.
Page 105-118
Lipnevich, Anastasiya A.; MacCann, Carolyn; Krumm, Stefan; Burrus, Jeremy; Roberts, Richard D.

Early predictors of biliteracy development in children in French immersion: A 4-year longitudinal study.
Page 119-139
Jared, Debra; Cormier, Pierre; Levy, Betty Ann; Wade-Woolley, Lesly

Individualizing a web-based structure strategy intervention for fifth graders' comprehension of nonfiction.
Page 140-168
Meyer, Bonnie J. F.; Wijekumar, Kausalai K.; Lin, Yu-Chu

Orthographic analogies and early reading: Evidence from a multiple clue word paradigm.
Page 190-205
Savage, Robert S.; Deault, Louise; Daki, Julia; Aouad, Julie

Toward a model of social influence that explains minority student integration into the scientific community.
Page 206-222
Estrada, Mica; Woodcock, Anna; Hernandez, Paul R.; Schultz, P. Wesley

Who is most at risk for school removal? A multilevel discrete-time survival analysis of individual- and context-level influences.
Page 223-237
Petras, Hanno; Masyn, Katherine E.; Buckley, Jacquelyn A.; Ialongo, Nicholas S.; Kellam, Sheppard

Separation of performance-approach and performance-avoidance achievement goals: A broader analysis.
Page 238-256
Murayama, Kou; Elliot, Andrew J.; Yamagata, Shinji

Correction to Estrada-Hollenbeck et al. (2010).
Page 256
Estrada, Mica; Woodcock, Anna; Hernandez, Paul R.; Schultz, P. Wesley

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