Monday, July 28, 2008

WMF Human Cognitive Abilities (HCA) archive project update 7-28-08

The free on-line WMF Human Cognitive Abilities (HCA) archive project was updated today. The major updates included the following:
  • A number of new datasets (correlation matrices analyzed in Carroll's 1993 factor analysis meta-analysis) and original journal articles were added to the archive
    • The HCA project needs help tracking down copies of old journal articles, dissertations, etc. for a number of datasets being archive. Please visit the "master bibliography/inventory" section of this archive and visit the on-line dataset/reference file. When viewing the on-line working inventory, manuscripts/references featured in the color red are those we are currently having trouble locating. If you have access to either a paper or e-copy of any of the designated "fugitive" documents, and would be willing to provide them to WMF to copy/scan (we would cover the costs), please contact Dr. Kevin McGrew at the email address listed at the site.
As of today, 60 of Jack Carroll's original correlation matrices are in various stages of archiving (approximately half are complete - i.e., they have both the correlation matrix and a PDF copy of the original publication available).

Please join the WMF HCA listserv to receive routine email updates regarding the WMF HCA project.

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