Saturday, October 13, 2007

Welcome Clocktower Hill Research & Publishing

Welcome Clocktower Hill Research and Publishing group! They have taken advantage of the great (cheap) advertising rates at IQ's Corner and now have an ad on this humble blog. See the ad on the left side of the blog page.

On a personal note, I've known Ron McGhee (one of the founders of this group) for a long time Ron is a great guy and I've always enjoyed his thoughts, writing and productivity. You can visit their site either by using the link above, or by clicking on their ad image.

Check out their site and psychoeducational assessment products. Below is a "blurb" re: their business (lifted from there web page).

  • Clocktower Hill Research and Publishing Group LLC was founded in 2003 as a research organization and developer and publisher of high quality assessment and resource materials for psychology, education, speech pathology, early childhood intervention, and occupational and physical therapy.

This now makes two psychological assessment publishers with ads at this blog (PAR being the other). Where are the big boys/girls of assessment (Psych Corp; Pearson AGS; Riverside; ProEd; etc.)? Get some great ad space while it is still available

[ I've mentioned before, the placement of an ad at this blog does not imply a direct endorsement of any product or company. It is just a way for me, the blog dictator, to try make some pocket "ching" to pay for his caffeine addiction - Also note that ad rates will likely be going up at the end of this year :)]

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