Monday, July 02, 2007

Jews, IQ and Charles Murray

Thanks to David Billet for notifying me of the recent exchange between Charles "Bell Curve" Murray and readers of his recent Commentary article - "Jewish Genius." The reader reaction articles can be found by clicking here.

Please note that this is a pass-along FYI post only. I'm not weighing in on either side of these exchanges.

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1 comment:

al fin said...

Fascinating exchange, thanks Kevin.

I will not be so reticent to weigh in on the exchange, for what it illustrates so clearly is that Charles Murray is using his rationality, while most of the respondents are using their gut level response. Even Greg Cochran was only attacking Murray in defense of his own uncertain hypothesis--that the Ashkenazi selection for high IQ occurred in the past several centuries in cities. He did not deny the IQ differential, nor the connection between IQ and achievement.

From the reasoning used in most of the responses, one must doubt whether most of these responders is even capable of reading "Human Accomplishment" and following the narrative and the logic.