Monday, March 05, 2007

Fast ForWord references

Over on the NASP listserv the following question regarding the efficacy of the Fast ForWord program was posed--- "Does anyone know of any peer-reviewed research (not research done themselves) on either of these programs: Fast ForWord or Earobics. We have a family wanting the school to purchase these programs and use them to remediate reading, executive functioning, and other processing deficits. Last I knew, these programs did not have evidence-based support other than their own research. I would like research regarding support or lack thereof? Thank you in advance."

I just ran a quick search of the IAP Procite Reference database and found the following articles that have the keywords Fast ForWord associated with them. I do not know if these are articles of research "other than their own evidence."
  • Bishop, D. V. M., Adams, C. V., Rosen, S. (2006). Resistance of grammatical impairment to computerized comprehension training in children with specific and non-specific language impairments. International Journal of Language Communication Disorders, 41(1), 19-40.
  • Gillam, R. B., Loeb, D. F., FrielPatti, S. (2001). Looking back: A summary of five exploratory studies of Fast ForWord. American Journal of Speech Language Pathology, 10(3), 269-273.
  • Gillam, S. L., Gillam, R. B. (2006). Making evidence-based decisions about child language intervention in schools. Language Speech and Hearing Services in Schools, 37(4), 304-315.
  • Johnson, C. J. (2006). Getting started in evidence-based practice for childhood speech-language disorders. American Journal of Speech Language Pathology, 15(1), 20-35.
  • Rouse, C. E., Krueger, A. B. (2004). Putting computerized instruction to the test: a randomized evaluation of a ''scientifically based'' reading program. Economics of Education Review, 23(4), 323-338.
  • Valentine, D., Hedrick, M. S., Swanson, L. A. (2006). Effect of an auditory training program on reading, phoneme awareness, and language. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 103(1), 183-196.

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