Saturday, July 23, 2005

CHC Theory: Historical context and introduction presentations

It was time to do some hard drive cleaning.

Over the past decade I have developed a variety of Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) PowerPoint presentations. They have proliferated like rabbits, often only being a few slides different. This past week I decided it was time to clean house and develop a nice, clean, crisp and smaller set. These are meant to be introductory presentations to share with others.

The results are posted at the links below. By clicking on each link (regular click to view; right click to download) you will be granted access to PDF viewable copies of the two CHC modules....with two slides per page.

When I can get around to it (shortly, I hope), I will also post the actual PPT slides for download, either at this blog or at my web page.
Feedback is welcomed. Enjoy. Spread the word.

Keywords: CHC teaching tool PPT

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Unknown said...

Kevin -

Much obliged. As a first year professor, these will be very helpful in organizing my own PPT presentations.