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iPost: Developmental Psychology - Volume 46, Issue 6

Developmental Psychology

2010  Volume 46, Issue 6 (Nov)

Longitudinal consistency of adolescent ethnic identification across varying school ethnic contexts.
Page 1389-1401
Nishina, Adrienne; Bellmore, Amy; Witkow, Melissa R.; Nylund-Gibson, Karen

True or false: Do 5-year-olds understand belief?
Page 1402-1416
Fabricius, William V.; Boyer, Ty W.; Weimer, Amy A.; Carroll, Kathleen

Forgetting common ground: Six- to seven-year-olds have an overinterpretive theory of mind.
Page 1417-1432
Lagattuta, Kristin Hansen; Sayfan, Liat; Blattman, Amanda J.

Goals and everyday problem solving: Manipulating goal preferences in young and older adults.
Page 1433-1443
Hoppmann, Christiane A.; Blanchard-Fields, Fredda

The age prospective memory paradox: Young adults may not give their best outside of the lab.
Page 1444-1453
Aberle, Ingo; Rendell, Peter G.; Rose, Nathan S.; McDaniel, Mark A.; Kliegel, Matthias

Causal inference and developmental psychology.
Page 1454-1480
Foster, E. Michael

Preschoolers' understanding of others' desires: Fulfilling mine enhances my understanding of yours.
Page 1505-1513
Atance, Cristina M.; Bélanger, Michèle; Meltzoff, Andrew N.

Learning to read and spell in Persian: A cross-sectional study from Grades 1 to 4.
Page 1514-1527
Rahbari, Noriyeh; Sénéchal, Monique

A mixture-model approach to linking ADHD to adolescent onset of illicit drug use.
Page 1543-1555
Malone, Patrick S.; Van Eck, Kathryn; Flory, Kate; Lamis, Dorian A.

Gender-nonconforming lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth: School victimization and young adult psychosocial adjustment.
Page 1580-1589
Toomey, Russell B.; Ryan, Caitlin; Diaz, Rafael M.; Card, Noel A.; Russell, Stephen T.

Children's spatial analysis of hierarchical patterns: Construction and perception.
Page 1621-1631
Vinter, Annie; Puspitawati, Ira; Witt, Arnaud

Longitudinal outcomes of young high-risk adolescents with imaginary companions.
Page 1632-1636
Taylor, Marjorie; Hulette, Annmarie C.; Dishion, Thomas J.

Why attend school? Chinese immigrant and European American preschoolers' views and outcomes.
Page 1637-1650
Li, Jin; Yamamoto, Yoko; Luo, Lily; Batchelor, Andrea K.; Bresnahan, Richard M.

Perceptions of childhood relationships with mother and father: Daily emotional and stressor experiences in adulthood.
Page 1651-1661
Mallers, Melanie H.; Charles, Susan T.; Neupert, Shevaun D.; Almeida, David M.

Developmental models of learning to read Chinese words.
Page 1662-1676
Tong, Xiuli; McBride-Chang, Catherine

Parenting knowledge: Experiential and sociodemographic factors in European American mothers of young children.
Page 1677-1693
Bornstein, Marc H.; Cote, Linda R.; Haynes, O. Maurice; Hahn, Chun-Shin; Park, Yoonjung

Infants communicate in order to be understood.
Page 1710-1722
Grosse, Gerlind; Behne, Tanya; Carpenter, Malinda; Tomasello, Michael

Patterns of sustained attention in infancy shape the developmental trajectory of social behavior from toddlerhood through adolescence.
Page 1723-1730
Pérez-Edgar, Koraly; McDermott, Jennifer N. Martin; Korelitz, Katherine; Degnan, Kathryn A.; Curby, Timothy W.; Pine, Daniel S.; Fox, Nathan A.

Do different types of school mathematics development depend on different constellations of numerical versus general cognitive abilities?
Page 1731-1746
Fuchs, Lynn S.; Geary, David C.; Compton, Donald L.; Fuchs, Douglas; Hamlett, Carol L.; Seethaler, Pamela M.; Bryant, Joan D.; Schatschneider, Christopher

Developmental relations and patterns of change between alcohol use and number of sexual partners from adolescence through adulthood.
Page 1747-1759
Dogan, Shannon J.; Stockdale, Gary D.; Widaman, Keith F.; Conger, Rand D.

Complexity, usefulness, and optimality: A response to Foster (2010).
Page 1767-1770
Widaman, Keith F.; Dogan, Shannon J.; Stockdale, Gary D.; Conger, Rand D.

Jessor's problem behavior theory: Cross-national evidence from Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States.
Page 1779-1791
Vazsonyi, Alexander T.; Chen, Pan; Jenkins, Dusty D.; Burcu, Esra; Torrente, Ginesa; Sheu, Chuen-Jim

Shifting perceptions: Developmental changes in judgments of melodic similarity.
Page 1799-1803
Stalinski, Stephanie M.; Schellenberg, E. Glenn

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