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IQs Corner Book Nook APA Reviews 4-9-08

A new issue of PsycCRITIQUES is available online.

April 9, 2008
Volume 53, Issue 15

Book Reviews
1. Contingency Management in Substance Abuse Treatment
Authors: Stephen T. Higgins, Kenneth Silverman, and Sarah H. Heil (Eds.)
Reviewers: Mark S. Gold and Lisa J. Merlo

2. The Gestural Origin of Language
Authors: David F. Armstrong and Sherman E. Wilcox
Reviewer: Jason T. Ramsay

3. Rise and Shine: Sunlight, Technology and Health
Author: Simon Carter
Reviewers: Anne Moyer and Sarah K. Knapp

4. Socioemotional Development in the Toddler Years: Transitions and Transformations
Authors: Celia A. Brownell and Claire B. Kopp (Eds.)
Reviewer: Bruce B. Henderson

5. Internships: Theory and Practice
Authors: Charles H. Sides and Ann Mrvica
Reviewer: Patricia L. Wolleat

6. Criminal Profiling: International Theory, Research, and Practice
Author: Richard N. Kocsis (Ed.)
Reviewer: David L. Shapiro

7. Working Memory, Thought, and Action
Author: Alan Baddeley
Reviewer: David W. Carroll

8. Coercion as Cure: A Critical History of Psychiatry
Author: Thomas S. Szasz
Reviewer: Jay Joseph

9. Paying the Tab: The Costs and Benefits of Alcohol Control
Author: Philip J. Cook
Reviewer: Eugene H. Rubin

10. Hypothetical Thinking: Dual Processes in Reasoning and Judgement
Author: Jonathan St. B. T. Evans
Reviewer: Christopher A. Was

11. Taking America Off Drugs: Why Behavioral Therapy is More Effective for Treating ADHD, OCD, Depression, and Other Psychological Problems
Author: Stephen Ray Flora
Reviewers: Christina S. McCrae and Daniel B. Kay

Film Review
12. Once
Director: John Carney
Reviewer: Theresa A. Thorkildsen

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