Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Celendrical savants

A colleague of mine asked if I knew of any articles related to calendrical savants. I ran a quick search of the IAP Reference Database and located the following articles. I thought, given that I took the time to do the work, that I would share this information with nterested readers who may find if of value. Links to most of the articles are provided below (embedded in the article reference).

Cowan, R., & Carney, D. P. J. (2006). Calendrical savants: Exceptionality and practice. Cognition, 100(2), B1-B9.

Cowan, R., Stainthorp, R., Kapnogianni, S., & Anastasiou, M. (2004). The development of calendrical skills. Cognitive Development, 19(2), 169-178.

Bolte, S., & Poustka, F. (2004). Comparing the intelligence profiles of savant and nonsavant individuals with autistic disorder. Intelligence, 32, 121-131.

Cowan, R., OConnor, N., & Samella, K. (2003). The skills and methods of calendrical savants. Intelligence,31(1), 51-65.

Mottron, L., Dawson, M., Soulieres, I., Hubert, B., & Burack, J. (2006). Enhanced perceptual functioning in autism: An update, and eight principles of autistic perception. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 36(1), 27-43.

Mottron, L., Lemmens, K., Gagnon, L., & Seron, X. (2006). Nonalgorithmic access to calendar information in a calendar calculator with autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 36(2), 239-247.

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