Friday, July 01, 2022

Numerosity sense correlates with fluent mathematical abilities - ScienceDirect

 Numerosity sense correlates with fluent mathematical abilities - ScienceDirect

Although a great deal of research has shown a relationship between numerosity sense and mathematical ability, some studies have failed to do so. The main source of this inconsistency could be the varied ways of measuring mathematical abilities. The current investigation explored several types of mathematical ability, from basic number processing and arithmetic computation to numerical reasoning and arithmetic learning. We hypothesized that the correlation between numerosity sense and mathematical ability depends on mathematical fluency. A total of 415 college students (178 males and 237 females, mean age = 20.42 years, range = 18.58–22.92 years) were recruited to complete seven mathematical tasks and two numerosity tasks, as well as other tasks that measured cognitive covariates. The results showed that after controlling for age, gender, and related general cognitive factors, numerosity sense still predicted substantial variation in parity judgment, visual digit comparison, and computation, but it did not predict variation in numerosity estimation, auditory digit comparison, number series completion, or digit associate learning. The results suggest that numerosity sense correlates with mathematical abilities that accompany fluency.

Kevin S. McGrew, PhD
Educational & School Psychologist
Institute for Applied Psychometrics (IAP)

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