Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Update to Flynn Effect MR/ID Capital Punishment Archive Project (v10; 5-15-13)

I am pleased to announce a long overdue update to the Flynn Effect MR/ID Capital Punishment Archive Project (v10).  For those unfamiliar with the Flynn Effect, it concerns the issue of norm obsolescence, primarily on IQ tests, which results in inaccurate and inflated IQ scores as a function of how out-of-date an IQ test norms are--at the time the test is administered to an individual.  The topic is also referred to as the secular increase in intelligence scores over time.

Click on the link  above to visit the launch page--where the project is described.  Three different types of access links are provided at this page.  The archive includes approximately 170 references with links to copies of most of the publications.  The update includes 37 new or updated references/articles since the last update.

A particular thanks to Dr. Dale Watson for sending me a boatload of articles that I had not previously included in the archive.

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